Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Perfect Life- Chapter 16, The Surprise B-Day Party

Me- “Who was that?”
J-“No one. Just my mom.”
J-“I want to take you somewhere. So get ready. Ok?”
Me-“Where are we going?”
J-“Just get ready! Please? Just put on something presentable.”
So we get ready. After we are ready, John says, “Go out to the car baby. I’ll be right there. I need to go do something.”
So I go out to the car and John calls you.
J- “Hey, its John. We are leaving. Amy’s in the car.”
U- “Ok. See ya!”
J- “Bye.”
So John drives us to the Mellon. (My eyes are blindfolded) He gets to the parking lot and lifts me up and out of the car. He carries me all the way to the meeting place where my party is being held. He puts me down, opens the door, takes my blindfold off and everyone says, “SURPRISE!!” I’m astonished.
MAF- “On behalf of the PGH penguins, HAPPY B-DAY AMY!!!”
Me- “Thank you.”
R- “Come and have a seat.”
So he takes my hand and leads me to a chair. You and Matt give me a $25.00 gift certificate to Borders. Rico comes over.
R- “Happy b-day Amy.” Then he gives me a pair of earrings and a matching bracelet. Straka comes over.
S- “Amy, these are for you.” They’re new hockey pads. Brooks comes over.
B-“Amy, this is for you.” Me- “Thanks!” He gave me beautiful diamond earrings. Matt came over.
M-“I didn’t get you anything because I don’t know what you like.” Then he stood me up and kissed me for 2 minutes. J-“Ok. That’s enough! Hello!!! I am standing RIGHT HERE!!!” Then we stop.
M-“Sorry, I got carried away.”
Me-“Its ok Matt. It was nice.” Then I run over to John and kissed him so he wouldn’t feel bad. Then I walked back to my seat.
D-“Amy, this is for you.” It was a massaging chair.
Me-“Thanks!” Then I gave him a little peck on the cheek. Then Marc-Andre came over. MAF-“This is for you.” It was a black dress. (It was VERY low cut)
Me-“Wow! Thanks!”
Then Surovy gave me a picture of the team and him. It was autographed. He also gave me a gift certificate to the spa for 2 days. Brian gave me a necklace. Sebastian gave me concert tickets to a Toby Keith concert. Eric got me a specialized Jersey. Ryan-“Amy, can I talk to you alone please?” So we go to a different room.
Me-“What did you want?”
RM-“I wanted to give you the kiss of a life time for your birthday.
Me- “OK. Just don’t make it too long.” We kissed for 5 minutes straight.
RM-“Did you like your present?”
Me-“Yeah! Thank you. Lets go back to the party.
After about 1 hour, I make an announcement.
Me-“May I have your attention please? Kay, can you come up here please?”
Me-“We have something to tell you.”
U-“We do? Oh, yeah… we do!”
Me and u-“WE’RE… PREGNANT!”
Everyone congratulated us. We’re at the party till about 10:30pm. Then we all go home. U and Matt take me home because John had to help clean up the meeting room. I take a shower and go to bed. John comes home at about 11:30pm. He just goes to bed.
All that happens to us is that we get A LOT of mood swings and our stomachs get bigger and bigger.
A couple days before our due dates. We’re getting our bags for the hospital ready.
The day before I’m due, I start to have heavy contractions at about noon. (I’m in the hospital, I have John call you to meet us there.) It takes them ½ hour to admit me into the hospital to have my baby. I was going to rip off their heads because of the amount of pain I was in.
That night at 1:05am, I have a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Mary Ann Kaminski. (I’ll give you the other info.)
The next day, you call me up to say you’re coming to the hospital. You have a baby boy at 2:00pm. His name is Zack Tyler Bloom. I get discharged before you. We take off for the season because of our babies, but we DO go to all the games and cheer our team on and to keep them in line.

3 years later, I get pregnant… again. I have a bouncing baby boy. His name is David James Kaminski.
After that… you and Matt have a “2nd” honeymoon. You find out that you’re pregnant, and 9 months later, you have a beautiful baby girl.
Later on in life, I have a set of twins, and another girl. You have a set of twins. And we lived happily ever after!

The End.

The Perfect Life- Chapter 15, THE BIG NEWS!!!

Now its time to go home. We don’t have our own houses… YET!!! John and Matt are dropped off at their houses and we were dropped off at our house and we go inside. U- “Mom? Dad? We’re back from our Honeymoon!” No one answered, so we just go to our room. When we get in there, we find pictures and notes of houses on our beds! Finally Mom and Dad come home! You and me run down and bring the things we found and we started to ask questions. ME- “What is this?” Mom- “We wanted to get you two, I mean, have something that you can use and not get stuffed in the closet and get forgotten.” Dad- “Girls, those are your wedding presents.” ME- “A house?!” U- “Cool… thanks!!!” Then we run up to our room to call our husbands. After we called them, we talked about our presents and our honeymoons. Me- “Hey! My house has an in ground swimming pool.” U- “Cool. Mine has… a drive way as big as a basketball court!!!” Me- “Cool!” Well, a few days passed and we were packing to move into our houses. It took about a week to install and perfectly place everything in our OWN place! You know that me and John like lived in our pool. After a couple of weeks I started to get sick and I didn’t know why. So, John and me went to the hospital. When we get there, we (meaning John and I) see you and Matt there. Me- “Hey Kay! Why are you here?” U- “I started to feel REALLY sick and I didn’t know why so Matt brought me to the hospital. Why are you here?” Me- “I started to feel REALLY sick and I didn’t know why. So John brought me here.” Matt- “Isn’t that creepy?” The Head Nurse- “Mr. And Mrs. Bloom!” You two get up and go. Now we sign up. You two come back in about ½ hr. Right then, the nurse that called you, said, “Mr. And Mrs. Kaminski!” We come back in about ½ hr. Me- “We have something to tell you two. How about you two bring your bathing suits and come over. U &MB- “Fine with us.” So, John and me are already in the pool. Actually, I am in and John is on the edge diving in and swimming up to me. Me- “Hey Kay!!!” U- “Hey!” Me- “Come on in!” U- “OK.” Matt sets both of your stuff down and then he dives in with John. Matt swims to you and John swims to me. Me- “How about we head out of the pool to have fresh homemade lemonade and tell each other the info.” MB, U, &J- “Ok.” So we all get out and sit down to have lemonade. U-“ I’ll go first.” Me- “ok.” U- “I know why I was soooo sick. I’m…….. PREGNANT!” Me- “I also know why I was sooooo sick. I’m… I’m… I’m PREGNANT!!!” We congratulate each other. Me-“How will this effect our hockey career???” U- “I guess we take this season off… for the sake of our babies.” Me- “I guess you’re right.” We go back swimming for an hour. I hear the phone ring, so I get out to go answer it. Me- “Hello?” RM-“ Hey, this is Ryan Malone.” Me-“ Hey Ryan. Its Amy, what did you want?” RM-“I wanted to talk to John. Is he there?” Me-“Yeah. Hold on, let me go get him.” I yell to John- “JOHN!!! It’s Ryan! He wants to talk to you!!!” Me- “He’ll be right there.” John comes over, I give him the phone and I go back to the pool. John comes back to the pool after he’s done talking to Ryan. Me-“What did Ryan want?” J-“ Nothing, but I have to go somewhere. I will be back in about an hour.” Me-“Ok. I love you honey!” J-“I love you too baby!” Then he leaves.
John went to the Mellon. RM-“What took you so long???” J-“I had to get away from my wife.” RM-“Oh.” J-“So lets get started.” They start to decorate the meeting place. They decorate it because tomorrow is my B-DAY!!!! (The team doesn’t know that we’re pregnant… YET!!!) They decide to decorate before my b-day so it would be perfect. John comes home.
*********************************************************************************Me-“Hey baby. Where were you?” J-“No where. I just had to go out and get something from Ryan.” Me-“Baby, you’re a really, REALLY BAD LIAR!!!” J-“I know. But it’s a secret! You’ll find out tomorrow. Trust me, everything will be fine!” Me- “Ok. Lets have dinner.” J-“YEAH!!!” So we eat dinner. Then we took a shower together (all we did was make out!!!) Then we had friendly, good, and VERY SAFE SEX for about 5hr. and 45 min. It was GLORIOUS! Then we just made the bed, got in, and watched TV till we fell asleep.
I wake up at 9:30am and go to the kitchen to make some DECAF coffee. John wakes up at 10:00am. He pours a cup of coffee and treats me to breakfast on the couch (instead of breakfast in bed.) He made pancakes with bacon and orange juice. J-“HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!” Me- “Thank you! MMMmmmm!!! That looks good!!!” I reach over and try to pick up the tray but John stops me. J-“You shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy! Let me get that for you.” Then he feeds me my breakfast. It was nice. Then the phone rings at about noon. It was you and John picks up the phone. J-“Hello?” U-“Hey John, it Kailey.” J-“Oh. Let me go get her.” U-“John NO!!! I need to tell you something!” J-“Oh.” U-“Ryan called.” J-“Oh.” U- “He said that you two could go to the Mellon. They are all there. Me and Matt are about 5 minutes away.” J- “Ok. Thanks for telling me. I’ll go get her.” U-“Ok. Call me right before you leave the house. See you there!!!” J- “Ok. Bye.” Then you two hang up the phone.

The Perfect Life- Chapter 14, The Wedding Reception/Honeymoon

You and me are in the same dressing room to get our wedding dresses on. Matt and John are in a different dressing room getting their tux’s on.
***IT IS TIME!!!***
I’m wearing a plain white Rea Wang Dress with a slight amount of golden beads across the hemline. You wore a Versace Dress with lilies made of beads scattered across it. John is wearing a tux, as was Matt. After all the bridesmaids passed, we walked down with our dad. He kissed us at the end. We walked on the altar. The priest comes out. P-“We are gathered here today to celebrate the marriages of Amy and John and Kailey and Matt.” Well, we’ll just skip to the good part. P-“John, you may now kiss your bride, and Matt, you may now kiss your bride.” John kisses me hard, and Matt does the same to you. They lift us up and walk down the aisle into the white, stretch limo that awaited us. We went into the limo and Matt pushed the button after our doors were closed. A part of the wall flipped out and champagne poured into the four, tall crystal glasses. As soon as we all finished, we reached the Four Seasons, where we were holding the reception. This guy takes us into this marble room with LOADS of food. Well, the DJ starts the music and we dance. We see Fleury and Ian (Moran) in our reception. U-“Thanks for the dresses Fleury.” MAF-“No problem. Hey, do you like the reception place that I picked?” Us-“Yeah!” IM-“Hey, me and Fleury found you a great honeymoon. You’ll go to the Bahamas and the Caribbean!” Us-“WOW! Thank you SO much!” Then we see K.C., who seems sad. U-“K.C., what’s up?” K.C.-“I don’t know who to marry. Orlando, or Dan. They proposed but to top of it all, I DON’T WANT TO BE MARRIED YET!” Then Bloom comes over and drags her into the crowd. Me-“Bloom is violent!” So, we dance till 2:00 the go into the limo. We finally reach the Bahamas! (We used airplanes! YAY FIRST CLASS!!!) And we check into a FANCY hotel. We have the bellboy take our bags to the room and give him a tip. Then you know what happens there. We get ready to have sex. Me and John start to kiss in the bathroom. Before we are still fully dressed, we start to make out in the bathroom. Then he picks me up. (We are still making out.) He carries me to the bed, and then we get it on, if you know what I mean. We do what #9 on Nick Carter’s CD is singing. Now, to your room. Matt and Kailey were outside of their room. Kailey was against the wall and they started to kiss. Then after about ten minutes Matt pulls out the room key. He slowly slides the key in the door. (Still kissing) We go into the room and go to the dresser (by the door). Kay is against the dresser. After about 20 minutes, your shirt and bra were off and so were your bottoms. Matt was taking off his shorts and he was just in his boxers. Then an hour of sex, we laid there. Then started again. Then we heard a click. K.C. walked into the room. KC-“Hey guys, I know…” U-“KC, what the fuck are you doing here?” KC-“Is this a bad time?” MB-“YES!” KC-“Ok, when would be a better time?” U-“Tomorrow. Meet us in the lobby to have dinner.” KC-“Ok, bye.” After they were sure she was gone, they went back out and went to the bed this time. They went under the blanket and had sex for about four and a half more hours. The next morning, Matt and Kay go over to Amy and John’s room to tell them what happened with KC the night before. “Knock! Knock!” Me- “John, stop. Someone’s at the door.” J-“Fine.” Me- “Come in.” (Me and John hurry up and cover ourselves. U-“We have something to tell you.” J-“What?” MB-“ It has to do with KC and us.” (You and Matt) So you sit down and tell us the story. Then you two leave and me and John get back to having sex. We are having sex for about four hours and 40 minutes until you call. Me-“Hello?” U-“Hey, do you and John want to have dinner with me, Matt, and KC?” Me-“Hold on. Let me ask John.” U-“Ok.” Me-“John, Kailey and Matt want to know if we want to have dinner with them and KC.” J-“Ok. Ask them what time to meet them.” Me-“He wants to know what time to meet you two.” U-“About 5:00pm in the lobby.” Me- “Ok. See you then. Bye.” U-“See ya. Bye.” It is about 3:15om. We have about two hours and 25 minutes till we have to meet them. So we have sex for about one and a half hours. Then we go to the get into the shower. I get washed off. Then we get dressed and all of that good stuff. Its 4:55pm. We are finally ready. I try to run down the hall way in high heals, and that doesn’t work. So john picks me up like he did at the wedding. We get to the lobby at 5:00pm on the dot. KC gets there five minutes late. (Of course… lol) We go to Miakos. KC-“I remember what I was going to tell you!” U-“Well?” KC-“I know who I am going to marry…” Me-“Well?” KC-“I’m going to marry Dan!” Me, you, John, and Matt- “CONGRATULATIONS!” So we get food and the cook cooks right in front of us. It’s SO awesome! After we’re done eating, we go back to the hotel. You know what we do? You got it. We go back to have sex… again. John pins me up against the wall. We start kissing (like heck!) and he starts taking off my button down shirt. While he’s doing that, I take off his shirt too. Then he takes off my bra. He unzips my skirt and it falls right off. I take off his pants and he takes off my panties. And you know the rest of the description. I finally get my arms free and I push him onto the floor. Now we’re really into it. We are having sex on the floor for about two hours. Then we take a 10 minute break and go into the bed. You know what happens. Now to you. When you come to the hotel, Mat picks you up and you two start to kiss. He carries you up to your room. He puts you down. You’re outside of your room. You two do the same thing when you came the first day of your honeymoon. Now, do I have to describe that? I don’t think so. Any way, we kind of have sex pretty much all week. (The rest of the time that we’re at the Bahamas.) Now, its time to go to the Caribbean!!! I don’t even have to explain what we do there, but I will. Matt picks you up and carries you to the limo. John picks me up and carries me to the limo too! When we get to the hotel, Matt escorts you to the front desk. John does the same to me. We check in and give the bellboy our bags. We all go to our rooms. My room: We tip the bellboy and he takes our luggage into the room. We are making out in the hall for lie five minutes. Then we go into our room. We go into the bathroom so we can get “dressed”. John puts me on top of the sink. Then he starts helping me by undressing me. (While kissing) I also help him. (If you know what I mean) We opened the door to the bathroom and went out of it. Right now, we are butt naked, standing right in the middle of the floor, kissing/making out our little hearts out. We are like that for about 20 minutes. Then we go into bed. Now, we’re having sex. We are getting it on so much that we accidentally get tangled up in the sheets and fall onto the floor. I don’t care, that just means we have more room! We are like that for about four hours. We were like that for so long that I couldn’t even remember how long we were like that on the floor. All I can tell you is that we got it going on really, really, REALLY good. It was H-O-T-T!!!
Now to you and Matt. Matt takes you into the room. He can’t wait. Right after he shuts the door, he immediately starts to take your clothes off. You are surprised that he was so anxious, but you go along with it. Before you know it, you are stark naked up against the wall and are in his arms. You two are kissing and making out and doing much, much, MUCH more than that…. And that was just up against the wall! Then you two make it over to the bed, you two are getting it on!!! You two are having hot, steamy sex! Need I say more? We’re like this for about one week. Just so you know, we do eat and do some sight seeing a little bit during the day too!!!

The Perfect Life- Chapter 13, The "Nights" at the HoHo

Me-“Well we have to go.” John whispers, “Go where?” Me-“I’ll tell you in the car.” So we (All the people who are getting married) all get our stuff and go to my car. Me and John sit in the front and you and Matt make out in the back. (Against my better judgment) I drive to our house so we can get extra sets of clothes. On the way to the house, I explain where we are going and what we were going to do. We get to the house and get really, really, REALLY sexy P.J.’s for the “” night at the hotel (hoho), and get clothes for the next days. We get our stuff together really quick and leave to go to the hotel. So, we get into the car and speed over to the hotel. We all check in and get our keys to go to our rooms. We run and find our rooms. Me and John barge into our room and get “dressed” for the “night” at the hotel. You and Matt do the same. Now to my room first. We stood there, just kissing. Then, John picks me up, carries me over to the bed, then we stop kissing… but just for a second. We move up to the pillows, get under the covers, and then we pick up where we started. We get a little steamy and start to have sex. We get really into it. He starts to take off my shirt. Then he attempted to take of my bra. Then he was attempting to take off my bottoms… and so on. (If you know what I mean!) Now to your room. You and Matt started standing by the door. You two started to kiss for a while. While still kissing, you two walked over to the bed. You stopped and, MB-“Kailey, I love you so much!” U-“I love you too!” Then you started to kiss again. You were sitting on the bed. Then after about two hours Matt went down and you went on the top. You two kissed like that for about an hour. Then you two turned and you went on the bottom and he went on the top. Then you two started getting it on. The same thing that as going on in the other room, except yours was more in the nude. Yours was actually all the way of. And he was working on the bottom. And you did it for the next four hours. Now, back to my room. Me and John had sex for about five hours and 45 minutes. Then we all got hungry and we all got dressed in appropriate clothing. Then we go out to eat at a restaurant. We were out eating for about one and a half hours. Then we went back to the hotel and did it all over again. (The same thing happens in the other room. (Matt and Kailey’s) We kind of do “IT” till the next morning. Then we all got ready to go to breakfast. Then we did it all over again. We do that till about dinnertime. Then we got dressed and went home. WE DID NOT TELL OUR PARENTS! The next day we all get together at an ice cream place. Me-“So, when should w plan the weddings?” U-“How about in a month?” Me, Matt, and John all say that it was fine with us. So we get right to planning the wedding in a day. So we move the wedding to a week later! We all did stuff and got everything together to set up for the wedding.

The Perfect Life- Chapter 12, The Confession

It’s 6:00, we leave to get to the restaurant. It takes about 15 minutes to get there. We are finally there! It’s about 6:25pm, so you and me go to the bathroom to freshen up. When we get back to the lobby, our parents are there. Me-“Hey Mom.” U-“Hey Dad.” Mom- “Hi girls.” Dad-“Why did you two ask us to meet you here?” Me- “Because Kay, Matt, John and Me wanted to do something nice for you guys.” Dad-“Oh, really? Honey, can I talk to you in private?” Mom-“Sure.” They go to the other side of the lobby. Mom-“What did you want?” Dad-“I think I know why they wanted us to come here.” Mom-“Why do you think they asked us to come here?” Dad-“It’s either they want something from us, they are pregnant, or they are getting married!” Mom-“You don’t say? I don’t care what you think. I’m just glad they are doing something nice for us for a change.” Dad-“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” They go back to join us. W-“The Shwartz family, your table is ready.” So we all follow him to our table. We all sit down. W-“What would you like to drink?” Matt and you say Diet Coke. Me-“I’ll have a gingerale.” J-“I will have some Pepsi.” Dad-“I’ll have some tea with lemon.” Mom-“I’ll have a Sprite.” Your BF’s parents-“We’ll have a diet Pepsi.” My BF’s parents- “We’ll have Pepsi.” W-“Thank you. I’ll be right back with your drinks.” We talk for about 5 minutes until the waiter comes back with our drinks. W-“Have you decided what you wanted to eat yet?” Me-“Yes.” Your BF’s parents-“We’ll have the Fillet Minion.” My BF’s parents- “We’ll have the shrimp scampi with lemon sauce.” Our parents-“We’ll have spaghetti.” Me and John-“We’ll also have the spaghetti.” You and Matt-“We’ll also have the shrimp scampi.” The waiter goes to put our orders in. we all talk for like a half hour till the waiter comes with our food. Then, we eat. After we pay the bill, John pulls me over to talk to me alone. J-“Who’s house should we go to?” Me-“I don’t know. How about…. Matt’s house?” J-“Ok. Lets go ask him if it’s ok.” When we ask him, he says ok. U-“Everyone, we are going to Matt’s house for a get together. So, lets go.” We go to my car. You got front seat, and Matt is the driver. Me and John are in the back seat. Matt leads our parents back to his house. On the way, me and John are SO excited to tell our parents, so, we just start to make out in the back seat. It takes about 25 minutes to get to Matt’s, and guess what! Me and John are making out the whole time! We all get to Matt’s house. (That includes ALL of our parents) We all go into Matt’s house and go into the living room. Then, me, you, John, and Matt stand next to each other. Us-“We all have something to tell you!” Me-“ Me and John are getting… married!” Then we kiss. Then, you and Matt say, “We’re getting married!!!” Then you two kiss. Then, our Mom and Dad say, “WHAT?! YOU TWO ARE TOO YOUNG TO GET MARRIED!!!” Me-“Mom, we are perfectly old enough to get married. Plus, ITS NOT YOUR DECISION! We are the ones who got proposed to by our REALLY GOOD, not to mention, SEXY BOYFRIENDS AT A LIT UP FOUNTAIN IN A PARK WITH FIREWORKS AND EVERYTHING!” Mom-“Well fine. You two get married. What do I care? Remember you will have debts, and buy a house, and raise kids. After a while, that gets EXTREMELY expensive!” U-“We don’t care about that. Plus, we go the money, and A LOT of it!”

The Perfect Life- Chapter 11, We're Home!!!

*** 1 Week Later!!!***
We all get on the bus to go home. We sit with like all the HOTT people and our “husbands”. We all are talking and crap. When we were about half way there, I called Mom and Dad to let them know where we were. We didn’t tell them about the weddings. We wanted it to be a surprise. I sleep the rest of the way home, with my head on John’s shoulder.
***We Get to the Parking Lot!!!***
J-“Honey, get up. We’re at the parking lot at the Mellon.” Me-“What?” J-“We are at the Mellon baby.” Me-“Ok.” So we get our stuff and go home. (It’s late at night) MB-“Night Kay. I love you!” U-“Night. I love you too!” J- “Goodnight Amy. I love you!” Me-“I love you too baby.” Then Matt kisses you and John kisses me. We are there for about five minutes kissing our boyfriends. Then we go inside and go straight to bed. The next morning, during breakfast, mom and dad asked us about the game. They were SO excited. They gave us both a Nano IPod. My cell phone rings. Me-“Hello?” J-“Hey, its me.” Me-“Oh, hey baby. Could you hold on for a minute?” J-“Sure.” Me-“Uh, guys, can I be excused?” Mom-“Sure.” Me-“Thanks. John, are you still there?” J-“Yep.” Me-“So, what do you want?” J-“I wanted to talk to you about the marriage.” Me-“Oh. How about Matt, Kay, you and me go out to the park or some place and talk about how we’re going to tell our parents.” J-“Cool. How about you tell Kay and I’ll tell Matt. When should we meet?” Me-“Let’s say about 12:30pm.” J-“Ok. Bye baby! I love you!” Me-“I love you too. Bye.” I hang up and get you. Then we go to our room to talk in private. U-“What’s up?” Me-“We are meeting John and Matt at the park at 12:30pm so we can talk about how to tell our parents about “you know what” ;)” U-“Ohhhh….” We get ready to meet our guys.
***We Go to the Park!***
U-“Look! I see them!” Me-“Lets go!” So we catch up with Matt and John. MB-“Hey babe.” Then you kiss him. Then, while Matt is “talking” to you, John says to me, “Hey babe!” Then we kiss. There were little kids standing right there and they were all like, OOOHHHH!!!!! THEY KISSIN’! We all stop, laugh, and walk away. Matt and you are holding hands, and me and John are holding hands. MB- “So, what do you guys want to do?” Me- “How about we go and get some ice cream and talk about the marriage.” You, Matt, and John all say Ok. So we all go and get ice cream from Sweet Licks. You and Matt get mint chocolate chip and me and John get chocolate chip cookie dough. U-“How are going to tell our parents?” Me-“Yeah, who knows what they are going to say.” J-“How about we take our parents out to eat. Then, we go to one of our houses. All of our parents sit down. Then, we all tell them in unison, “We’re Getting MARRIED!” You, Matt, and me say that that’s a great idea. U-“We have to go to the mall and get a new out fit for this glorious occasion!” Me-“I’m down with that!” So we all go to the mall. I get a B-E-A-UTIFUL dress. It’s all shimmery and really pretty. I get matching shoes and purse! You get a really cute black skirt with a silky red shirt, and you get matching shoes and purse! Then we go to the nail saloon and get our nails done to match our outfits. It’s about 5:00pm, all of our parents are still at work! So, we make a BIG note and put it on the front door. It says:
We do the same thing for Matt’s parents and John’s parents. All of our parents get home around 6:00pm. So, we have enough time to get ready, make reservations, and get there before our parents.

The Perfect Life- Chapter10, Ryan's "Little" Problem

RM-“Hey Amy, wait up!” Me- “What’s up Ryan?” RM- “Can I talk to you?” Me- “Sure. Hold on. Hey John and Kay, you two go on. I’ll be there in a minute.” RM- “Amy, are you sure you want to marry John?” Me- “Yeah, why?” RM-“Because… well, see… Amy…” Me- “Yeah?” RM-“I, I love you.” Me-“Wait! HOLD UP! WO, WH!? YOU WHAT?” RM-“I love you. I don’t know, but when I’m with you or when I see you, my hands get all sweaty. And I get butterflies in my stomach.” Me-“You could have told me that before!” RM-“But, before I didn’t have the courage to tell you. You have NO idea how many times I’ve tried to tell you!” Me- “Ryan, you’re one of the toughest guys I know! And you’re someone who always speaks his mind.” RM-“I know, but Amy Shwartz, I LOVE YOU!” Me- “Ryan, I think John, Matt, and Kay should help with this.” RM-“Maybe that will help. We can give it a try.” Me- “Ryan, I will be right back. Stay here. I’m going to get John, Matt, and Kay. Do you want anyone else to help us?” RM-“Maybe Marc Andre, Rico, Brooks, Matt, and Drake.” Me- “I’ll go get them too. I’ll be right back.” I go and get everyone that’s going to help. I come back in five minutes later with you and everyone else.
U-“Hey Ryan. What up?” RM-“You will find out in a minute.” Me-“Can everyone sit down please? Thank you. I just found out that Ryan Loves me, but I’m going to get married. We all need to find a way to fix Ryan’s (air quotes) “little” problem. Does anyone have any suggestions?” D-“I had a dream just like this. Maybe Amy can kiss John and tell us how she felt kissing him. Then, she kisses Ryan and tells us how she felt when she was kissing him.” (This was from your story) Me-“We cam try it. Is that ok with you two?” John and Ryan- “Yeah.” Me-“ John, come here. We are going into a different room. Get us in three minutes.” John and me go to the other room. Me and John kiss for all 3 minutes, nonstop. You come in. U-“Times up!” So we all go back to the lobby. B-“So, how did you feel?” Me-“I felt secure. But kissing Ryan will be so much different because I never made out with him before. Though I always kiss John, I was really nice kissing him.” D-“Well, now its time for you to kiss Ryan.” Me- “Ok. Ryan, you ready?” RM-“Yeah.” Me-“Then lets go.” So we go to the other room and start to kiss. Ryan relaxes and we kiss for the whole three minutes. Then you come back and say, “Times up!” So we all go back to the lobby. MAF-“So? How was it?” Me- “It was nice. At least, when he relaxed, it was beautiful…” You butt in- “I think they were having fun because I found them on the floor leaning against the wall.” Me-“KAY!” U-“What?!” (Hello captain obvious!) MB-“Who did you like better?” Me-“I don’t know, but Ryan’s a great kisser, but John is also a hell of a kisser too. I think I liked…. Ryan’s kiss more.” Everyone gasps. John-“AMY, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU PRIVATELY!” Me-“Honey, I’m not finished! So don’t blow up on me… yet! Anyway, I can’t say that I liked Ryan’s or John’s more because I haven’t dated Ryan and it’s not fair that I kissed John more. But, I’m starting to like Ryan, but I’m staying with John. It’s not you Ryan, but John asked me to marry him, and I have already said yes. It’s too late to go back now. I’m sorry Ryan.” J-“Baby, may I talk to you alone, please?!” Me-“Sure. Hold on everyone, I need to talk to John. I’ll be right back.”
Me-“What did you want?” J-“Do you love me?” (Breaks out singing, Do you Love me from Fiddler… lol) Me-“OF COURSE! Why?” J-“Because it seemed that it was a hard decision picking me over Ryan. My other question, do you love him?” Me- “Look, we are just friends.” J-“Well, I think we should have a private talk with Ryan.” Me-“Ok.” We leave and go to the lobby. Me-“Everyone can go back to celebrating. Ryan, could you hold on? We want to talk to you.” RM-“Sure.” John, Ryan, and me go to the office room. J-“How do you REALLY feel about Amy?” RM-“I love her.” J-“Really? Hmmm…. How did you feel when you kissed her?” RM-“I felt happy. Like I felt like I died and went to heaven. ((Arrow pointing up) up there!!!) because it was so peaceful.” J-“Are you scared that she is going to get married, you feel like you’re going to be losing a close friend?” RM-“ Yeah. Is that wrong?” J-“No. That’s perfectly normal.” Me-“Ryan, I’m not going to be gone forever. Maybe a week or two for our honeymoon, but then I’m going to be here. You don’t have to worry.” RM-“Thanks.” Me-“Does that make you feel better?” RM-“Yeah. Amy, if its ok with you, can I kiss you just one more time?” Me-“Sure. John, is that ok with you?” J-“Yeah. What ever.” Then Ryan kisses me. Me-“Lets go celebrate!” RM & J-“Yeah! Lets go!” We go finish celebrating. U-“Did you work everything out?” Me-“Yeah. He’s fine with me getting married.” U-“That’s great!” At about 2:30 am, everyone is stoned (asleep). The next morning, I get up at 9:00am. I go to the café down the street to get some coffee and breakfast. When I get back to the hotel, you’re up and you’re talking on my cell phone. Me-“Uh, Kay, what are you doing?” U-“I’m talking to your old BF because he called and you weren’t here.” Me- “Can I talk to him? PLEASE?!” U-“Whatever.” You give me the phone. Me-“Hello?” OLD BF-“Hey Sugga!” Me-“Look, I’m not your sugga. Nor am I EVER going to be your girl, and to top it all off, I am E-N-G-A-G-E-D! So, BUG OFF, before I have a whole hockey team come after you. Just so you know, most of them are a little bit over 6 foot. SO STOP CALLING ME!” Then I hang up. U- “What was that all about?” Me-“Oh, nothing. Just settling something between exes! What did he say?” U-“He said he still likes you and that you left your lotions and some other stuff over his house.” Me- “Oh?” Then Matt comes in. MB-“Hey girls. What’s up?” U-“Nothing.” Me- “Same. Look, I’m worried about Ryan. I don’t know if he can handle me getting married. I mean, he loves me.” U- “I know what you mean.” MB-“You do?” U-“Well, yeah. I did before I met you.” Me-“ You guys, you know how me and John have been going out for about six months, and now we’re getting married? Don’t you think we’re speeding into things?” U-“What do you mean?” Me-“Were you not here while I just explained it?” Then John walks in. J-“Explained what?” Me-“Nothing. You look tired. Lets get something to eat.” J-“Ok. Give me five minutes to get ready.” He leaves the room. Me-“Not a word to anyone about what I said. You hear?!” U-“ Gotcha!” J-“I’m ready.” Me-“Ok. Lets go.” We go to the café. We order a frapachino and some bagels. Me-“John, you know how we have only been going out for about six months?” J-“Yeah.” Me-“Your know how we are going to get married?” J-“Yeah, so?” Me-“Don’t you think we are going just a bit too fast?” J-“Oh my gosh! I was feeling the same way, but what’s the big deal? We both love each other. Why should we wait?” Me- “I don’t know. It’s just not right. I mean I like you. I like you A LOT.” J-“Let me guess. You like guys that are tall, dark, and handsome. Guys like Ryan.” Me-“Yes. I mean no. AHHH!!!! I don’t know! What I mean is…. Well, I LOVE YOU!!! J-“Does that mean the weddings still on?” Me-“Yeah, it’s on! Lets plan it out NEXT WEEK when we get home. Ok?” J-“Yeah.” Then he gives me a HUGE KISS! Later on, you, Matt, John, and me go out to do some sight seeing. We go see Niagara Falls. It was sooooo beautiful! Then we went to a shopping center. Added together, you and me had about 10 bags of stuff each!!! After that, we go to a restaurant and get something to eat.