Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Perfect Life- Chapter 16, The Surprise B-Day Party

Me- “Who was that?”
J-“No one. Just my mom.”
J-“I want to take you somewhere. So get ready. Ok?”
Me-“Where are we going?”
J-“Just get ready! Please? Just put on something presentable.”
So we get ready. After we are ready, John says, “Go out to the car baby. I’ll be right there. I need to go do something.”
So I go out to the car and John calls you.
J- “Hey, its John. We are leaving. Amy’s in the car.”
U- “Ok. See ya!”
J- “Bye.”
So John drives us to the Mellon. (My eyes are blindfolded) He gets to the parking lot and lifts me up and out of the car. He carries me all the way to the meeting place where my party is being held. He puts me down, opens the door, takes my blindfold off and everyone says, “SURPRISE!!” I’m astonished.
MAF- “On behalf of the PGH penguins, HAPPY B-DAY AMY!!!”
Me- “Thank you.”
R- “Come and have a seat.”
So he takes my hand and leads me to a chair. You and Matt give me a $25.00 gift certificate to Borders. Rico comes over.
R- “Happy b-day Amy.” Then he gives me a pair of earrings and a matching bracelet. Straka comes over.
S- “Amy, these are for you.” They’re new hockey pads. Brooks comes over.
B-“Amy, this is for you.” Me- “Thanks!” He gave me beautiful diamond earrings. Matt came over.
M-“I didn’t get you anything because I don’t know what you like.” Then he stood me up and kissed me for 2 minutes. J-“Ok. That’s enough! Hello!!! I am standing RIGHT HERE!!!” Then we stop.
M-“Sorry, I got carried away.”
Me-“Its ok Matt. It was nice.” Then I run over to John and kissed him so he wouldn’t feel bad. Then I walked back to my seat.
D-“Amy, this is for you.” It was a massaging chair.
Me-“Thanks!” Then I gave him a little peck on the cheek. Then Marc-Andre came over. MAF-“This is for you.” It was a black dress. (It was VERY low cut)
Me-“Wow! Thanks!”
Then Surovy gave me a picture of the team and him. It was autographed. He also gave me a gift certificate to the spa for 2 days. Brian gave me a necklace. Sebastian gave me concert tickets to a Toby Keith concert. Eric got me a specialized Jersey. Ryan-“Amy, can I talk to you alone please?” So we go to a different room.
Me-“What did you want?”
RM-“I wanted to give you the kiss of a life time for your birthday.
Me- “OK. Just don’t make it too long.” We kissed for 5 minutes straight.
RM-“Did you like your present?”
Me-“Yeah! Thank you. Lets go back to the party.
After about 1 hour, I make an announcement.
Me-“May I have your attention please? Kay, can you come up here please?”
Me-“We have something to tell you.”
U-“We do? Oh, yeah… we do!”
Me and u-“WE’RE… PREGNANT!”
Everyone congratulated us. We’re at the party till about 10:30pm. Then we all go home. U and Matt take me home because John had to help clean up the meeting room. I take a shower and go to bed. John comes home at about 11:30pm. He just goes to bed.
All that happens to us is that we get A LOT of mood swings and our stomachs get bigger and bigger.
A couple days before our due dates. We’re getting our bags for the hospital ready.
The day before I’m due, I start to have heavy contractions at about noon. (I’m in the hospital, I have John call you to meet us there.) It takes them ½ hour to admit me into the hospital to have my baby. I was going to rip off their heads because of the amount of pain I was in.
That night at 1:05am, I have a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Mary Ann Kaminski. (I’ll give you the other info.)
The next day, you call me up to say you’re coming to the hospital. You have a baby boy at 2:00pm. His name is Zack Tyler Bloom. I get discharged before you. We take off for the season because of our babies, but we DO go to all the games and cheer our team on and to keep them in line.

3 years later, I get pregnant… again. I have a bouncing baby boy. His name is David James Kaminski.
After that… you and Matt have a “2nd” honeymoon. You find out that you’re pregnant, and 9 months later, you have a beautiful baby girl.
Later on in life, I have a set of twins, and another girl. You have a set of twins. And we lived happily ever after!

The End.

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mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Aww it`s over. This isn`t how I remember it ending before but what ever. It was good & I`m so glad that our writing has improved since the days of this story.